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Date: That moment between healthy hope & rock bottom.
From: Juliana Trichilo Cina (Founder of Smart Self & The Success Formula)

I know you have no time to waste feeling stuck, so let me get right to it.
There is a big problem in self help & coaching right now.

Actually 3 BIG problems...

Problem 1:
Time & Money

These days, everyone is a coach. So, finding an advisor that you trust takes time and money. When you need results now, this is time & money you don’t have to waste. This is only made worse when it takes months to find out if the solution you invested in turns out to work for you or not.

Problem 2:
Questionable Quality

When you’re in crisis or facing a time crunch, you can’t get quality expertise no matter how badly you need it. Your options for help are usually limited to volunteer crisis lines, overpriced psychic scams, “old wives tales”, and fill-out-this-form web pages that put you on a waiting list (where you’ll be contacted by an intake specialist in a few weeks).

Problem 3:
Relevant Help

The market is flooded with great concepts, examples and theories that could help you, but these do nothing to help you in your real life, in your unique situation, right now. If only you could get the right advice, from the right pros, at the right time, custom tailored to your situation and practically crafted to work for you in this very moment.

Whether you see yourself as smart & capable OR helpless & hopeless, you’re here because you don’t have the answers you need TODAY.

Well, my friends, gone are the days of living with indefinite misery. Your pain ends now, because… I have a secret for you…

No matter how unique your troubles… YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Others have walked your path & conquered your pain. The solution you are looking for already exists & is out there waiting for you.

From ancient seers to modern-day coaches, there is endless proof… YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And, help isn’t just for the rich. Access to experts & consultants on demand (& paying only for what you use) means YOU TOO can get help at your fingertips.

Ready, willing & able advisors mean, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Experts want to help & even devote their lives to specific issues. So, there’s an advisor who is literally made for every moment of your life.

Leave lonely limitations behind, because there is a solution for you. Take control precisely when you need it—without a hefty price tag.

We've helped countless people just like you.

Over & over again, seeing the power of good advice help & heal so many, we had to find a way to bring expert advice to the masses.

We succeeded & made it easy too. 

Wondering how it works?

How It Works

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$ 347 Per Hour
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for love, work, conflict & more...
$ 4
Per Minute
  • First Four Minutes Free
  • Advice Exactly WHEN You Need IT
  • Answers In MINUTES Not Hours
  • Pay Only For What You Use
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$ 2500 Starting at
  • Custom Tailored Packages
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Instant Advisor is a first-come, first-served service. Your Advisor will contact you as soon as possible after your order is placed. Wait times will vary based on active orders in the system & your position in line. Our top priority is instant service. 

That is entirely up to you!
Instant Advisor is an on-call service. You take as much time as you need. You only pay for what you use. From two minutes to two hours, you decide when your session ends.

When it’s your turn in line, your Advisor will contact you. You must accept the session by participating. If you do not engage in the session, reply to your advisor or answer the call, you won’t be charged a penny.

Our callers include people from all walks of life. If you have ever called a coach, therapist, or psychic line… we are your ethical & instant alternative. 


We back our services & want the best for you. So, if you’re not happy with your last session, it’s free. You have up to 20 minutes in any session, and up to one (1) day to request your refund. Let us know if you’re unhappy and we will credit your account AND give you up to 20 minutes on us. So you take on absolutely zero risk.