If you are a Vice President or Director and have the resources to research the best tactics for marketing an upcoming product release, you have the luxury to choose the “best” option.

Instead, if you’re a smaller operation or even a one-person operation, you don’t have the luxury of choosing the “best” marketing strategy. You need to find something economical and doable in light of the resources you have at your disposal.

I’m a huge believer that the only way you can know what will work best is to test. In fact, you should test constantly. Fail fast so you can apply your learning as quickly as possible and enjoy the benefits of continuous improvement. But where do you start?

How Do You Choose A Marketing Strategy?

There a countless marketing strategies. And many of the choices you have to select from will work if you can consistently implement. So how do you choose? Knowing what you know about yourself and/or your team, monopolize on strengths. What is something you already do? What habits are already embedded in your personal or business operations daily? What will be easiest to implement and test as your first tactic?

Successful Marketing Must…

If you’re always on social, kick off a social campaign. If you’re highly competitive set targets and timelines that will drive momentum. As long as the marketing strategy is something you can deliver, you are already half way there.

The next boxes your strategy must check off are as follows:

[] Entertain Your Audience

[] Inform Your Audience

[] Provide Immediate Utility

Any marketing strategy that entertains, informs, and is relevant has the potential to work. The only way you can know for sure is to test and adapt based on what you learn as you go. Of course, it doesn’t matter how entertaining, informative or relevant a marketing strategy is if you don’t consistently implement it. So make sure the marketing tactics are doable first and foremost.

Why Most Marketing Strategies Fail!

The greatest reason launches fail is because there is no follow through. Don’t bother making products and half launching them. Follow through is, by far, the greatest determinant of success!



What Is The “Best” Marketing Strategy For Your Product Launch?!


What Is The "Best" Marketing Strategy For Your Product Launch?!

The “Best” Marketing Strategy