The “Best” Marketing Strategy

If you are a Vice President or Director and have the resources to research the best tactics for marketing an upcoming product release, you have the luxury to choose the “best” option. Instead, if you’re a smaller operation or even a one-person operation, you don’t have the luxury of choosing the “best” marketing strategy. You […]

Is Starbucks Culture Being Ignored as the Culprit Behind Racial Intolerance?

On May 29, 2018, Starbucks is closing all its US stores for diversity training. According to Time Magazine, experts say that in light of recent events, this is not enough—myself included. It’s not that I believe this training should be skipped. It’s that I believe Starbucks culture is more likely the problem. (For more on organizational […]

Loneliness Kills. Literally!

The Campaign to End Loneliness has a hefty goal. We’re not talking about a simple human emotion here. Research on loneliness consistently shows concerning data that requires attention. According to Medical News Today, “loneliness [is] a bigger killer than obesity,” with other research likening loneliness to smoking in terms of its affects on mortality rates. A new report […]

Expect Better

You cannot be disappointed if you have no expectations against which you’ve plotted your hopes. Setting expectations can help you close a deal with a new customer or please an existing customer. But always engineer customer service expectations for success.   Expectation-Setting Keep expectations reasonable. Don’t over-promise with good intention—if there is a risk of […]

Customer Service is No Service

Dealing with customer service representatives can be a horrendous experience, plagued by rudeness. How many hours have you spent on the phone or over email explaining the same situation to different people until you manage to find the person who can finally help with your issue? Maybe you’ve even been in a situation where that […]

You Are An Expert!

You are a teacher. You are a leader. You are an expert. Together, we build empowered, strengthened communities by teaching and leading those around us on a daily basis. Everything is within your reach.     Download this image as a poster!

Lessons Learned

Part 2: From A Story of Sabotage Most Organizations Would Never Tell You   Following the intentional take down of all Smart Self web properties by a mistaken and disgruntled developer (read the full story here), we want to share our lessons learned.   The Short Story   In short, we hired a qualified developer […]

Business Sabotage

Part 1: A Story of Sabotage Most Organizations Would Never Tell You   Miscommunication is at the root of almost all disagreements. What we believe about people has to do with ourselves more so than others, or the way we have been treated. For Smart Self this lesson went from crystal clear to VVS diamond-clear […]

Enjoy the Climb

Getting through the bumps is a necessary phase in achievement. Whether you’re fighting for the job, chasing the sale, or scraping your way to just about any goal, nothing great comes easy. So how do you keep your edge, your optimism, your joy… Even as you suffer pain? I’m loathe to turn to pop culture […]

Culture and Responsibility

  Culture is the difference between being on the inside or the outside..the difference between whether you are going to work well together or not.. What is the piece that is critical to establish a productive culture? Who benefits if we invest in our culture?