What the Heck is Strategic Communications?!

What the Heck is Strategic Communications?!

We often mistake communications as a one-way experience of sharing a message. We focus on the sharing part, the part where the speaker has his/her say. Somehow we think that by sharing a message, the listening part will just happen. By virtue of putting our words “out there,” we feel a sense of satisfaction. This is inherently flawed.

What’s The Flaw?!

Communications require both a message sender and a message receiver are involved. Without the receiver, there is no “community,” and ultimately, no “communication.”

Community Building

If we accept that having both a sender and receiver matters to communications, the question of consent arises. Shouldn’t a message receiver, listener, audience, (whatever you want to call the critical second party to this communication community,) have the right to accept or reject his/her role? Now it’s getting complicated. If we can concede that communications require a community of at least two, what does that mean for Strategic Communications?

Nutshell Moment

In a nutshell, Strategic Communications is what happens when the message sender (or speaker) shares his/her message in a way that is not just acceptable to the listener, but it is in fact effective! The message is accepted, or the listener is persuaded, or there is some other indicator that the purpose of the message was achieved.

Watch this video for more detail and some examples!

Strategic Communications Defined