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29 NOV 1946 - 25 JAN 2022

Vincenzo Trichilo

Vincenzo Trichilo recently contracted COVID-19 during the highly contagious omicron wave. His symptoms were mild at first. At home, we ran hourly oxygen saturation tests and regularly screened him for severe symptoms. Sunday night, his oxygen dropped below 93%, and he was rushed to hospital. He did well at first. On Wednesday, they moved him to the ICU for closer monitoring. He made one last call to his wife before he was put on a ventilator. He fought hard and was doing well, so they began to lower his sedation and wake him up. He didn’t tolerate it well so they added the sedation back. He continued declining so they induced a coma from which he would never recover. We weren’t allowed much access but when we were there, we spoke and sang to him. With every song, his stats would visibly improve. When they said he had two hours left, we cheered him on and he rallied for yet another come back. Ultimately, it was too little too late. Before his lungs could make enough progress, his heart gave out. He shared his final breaths with the love of his life, Mariavittoria, and his daughters by his side at 9:23 PM on January 25, 2022.

He did not deserve this end. The name Vincenzo means "conqueror" and is how he should be remembered. Help us celebrate this incredible man.

Livestream Interview with Vince

On Dec 4, 2020, Vince was interviewed for a live web show streamed to ~35,000 people across YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. He talks about growing up in Italy after WW2, learning his trade & cutting hair under a grapevine, immigrating to North America, launching & succeeding in small business. He shares his crazy stories, life lessons and more! As a humble but successful business owner, he’s never had the chance to tell his origin & business stories publicly. The gems, the grit, the perspective… It’s a really powerful story about self-determination & innovating from nothing in the midst of poverty, discrimination & more!

Vince never expected to be on lockdown due to COVID for this long. His business has been shut down for months on end. But he didn’t sit at home watching Netflix. Nope! He did something incredible.

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