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Get More Calls, More Interviews & More Offers
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This Letter Is Especially Important If You’re A Job Seeker Who’s Feeling Stuck & Need Career Clarity Now!

Turn your career dreams into reality!

I have an important message about the #1 mistake job seekers are making right now!

Is this stopping you from having the job of your dreams?
(Btw, it’s soooo fixable.) 

From the desk of Juliana T. Cina, Founder of Smart Self Solutions:

Everyone acts like finding a job is a no brainer. Just “put yourself out there”, and you’ll find a job. If you “just keep applying, you’ll find something eventually.” Settling for a job can begin to feel like your only option. Sometimes that means settling for less money, work you hate, or even toxic environments. So you try to work with recruiters, but they don’t call you back. Or you stay in your current miserable job, but you can’t take soul crushing work forever. Or you take what you can get, and jump from job to job without leaving the impact you are capable of making.

What's The Problem?

The idea that “you can’t get no… satisfaction” is a lie.

You deserve and can have the job of your dreams.

Sometimes you go it on your own and you get no calls, interviews, or offers.
Sometimes you get offers but you couldn’t care less about the available jobs.

The truth is, you’re the CEO of your career. Your dream job is out there waiting for you.
In fact, someone else might be in your dream job right now (or end up in it), and chances are, it’s not their dream job.

What's Standing In Your Way?

There is one big mistake candidates make every day sabotages the dream job!
What is it?


Yup, your Personal Brand is the foundation for finding and winning the job of your dreams. A good personal brand aligns with the right jobs at a glance. This makes it possible to convince hiring managers that you are THE ONE throughout the entire hiring process. Hiring decisions need to “feel right.” Creating that feeling doesn’t happen in a moment. Building rapport is a journey. 

What’s even crazier?

Most people have no career clarity.
It’s not just about weak personal branding. It’s that you don’t know what your brand is.
You might not know what you want to do, where you want to be, or who you are professionally.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to fix that?

We’ll show you how to find, create and use your personal brand as your most powerful persuasion tool in scoring your dream offer!

Did You Know...

0 %
of HR managers say they currently have open positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates

My friend, there is a job that is perfect for you

But, more importantly…
You are the solution to someone’s hiring problem and they need help finding you
You just need some help to define your brand, reach the right people, and market your value. 

Doing your job search right is doable and it’s worth doing, for everyone’s sake.

My career journey hasn’t been perfect. In fact, 20 years ago, when I realized I didn’t want to work in my family’s business, I faced every possible challenge you can imagine…
I wanted to attend university, but my family didn’t approve. As a first generation Canadian, my family had VERY old world opinions about education. I was hell bent on going to school so I kicked up some major arguments and insisted. My grandmother cried that, “no one will marry a girl with an education.” My family financially disowned me and I couldn’t get any loans. I had to figure it out 100% on my own.

I got a degree in an area I loved, but HATED my first job in that field. I had to find my professional home FAST & was starting from scratch. I had lots of family business experience but no references. I had an insatiable desire to prove to my family (and myself) that I had value outside of the home and family-approved work. I had an insatiable desire to grow myself, those around me, and the businesses and communities I serve. And I had to figure it all out from SCRATCH.

And I did!!!

After facing so many barriers and trying so many things, I almost returned to my family business, and many times I was tempted to settle for any random “good” job.

Then one day I had a breakthrough. I couldn’t believe it. I got curious and kept trying and testing. I ended up LOVING the job search process. And I was really darn good at it too! 

I learned to lever my brand to find and get interviews for jobs I WANTED. I customized my brand for different industries and audiences. But I was also able to scale my search to reach lots of opportunities without spending hours redoing my resume for every application. I began to optimize my cover letter & resume based on results. 

I’ve literally been to 100s of interviews, mostly because the job search became My Great Experiment and I couldn’t get enough data. (I’m such a nerd!) But, it wasn’t just about collecting data. I also found great opportunities and competitive jobs. I literally broke down every part of the job search and interview process. I am the CEO of my Career! I will NEVER work another day in my life. For the rest of my life, I will ONLY accept work doing my DREAM JOB(S) (yes I have more than one now)!

When you make this shift, you begin to see your career more like a business and you’re the CEO, fully in charge and confident. 

Because I made this shift & found my dream jobs, I can boast amazing results …

•  Aggressive growth, like a 439% marketing ROI & doubling revenue
•  Strategic leadership of 50 direct reports & final sign-off authority
•  Speaking for & training 1000s across North America

And that’s not all. I’ve helped others achieve amazing career milestones too.
Here are some of my clients’ results…

• Having 14 job offers to choose from
$25k salary increase with one interview
Drastic and FAST climbs to the top leadership seats

I hadn't worked with a coach before. I was kind of skeptical. This was 7 years ago now. I had to put my school on pause and get a job. I honestly expected to get a low paying job but I just needed something. A friend told me about Juliana. I'm so lucky she did. Juliana put the spotlight on my strengths and I got a really good paying job. I didn't know I could have an actual career without finishing school. No more crappy jobs for me. Any time I look for work, Juliana is my first call

You can have the same results!

Imagine if you could be in full control of your career. You could get more calls & more interviews. You could negotiate offers knowing you have choices. You wouldn’t have to settle again. You could be picky and be paid what you’re worth. It all starts with investing in you!



A step-by-step playbook that gets you more calls, interviews & offers
…so you can be the CEO of your career and score your dream job.

For you, the job seeker who wants more in your career.
Keep reading if you want to end the cycle of having jobs that leave you unfulfilled, underpaid, unappreciated, uninspired, and misaligned with the companies and clients you serve.

You can and should have a career that reflects your strengths, your purpose, your ambition, your spirit, and your value.

Sign Up Today & You’ll Learn How To …

•  Make Your Own Unique & Competitive Personal Brand
(so you won’t be just another boring candidate ever again)

•  Easily Find Dream Job Postings As Easy As Target Practice
(to avoid go-nowhere & disappointing job board searches)

•  Build Your Own Winning Cover Letter & Resume From Scratch
(perfect if you’re stuck staring at a blank page for way too long)

•  Choose The Perfect Design To Market Your Unique Brand
(without getting swallowed into a sea of templates)

•  Manage Your Growing Job Search From The Comfort Of Your Inbox
(& easily handle an insane number of follow ups, interviews & offers)

•  Scale Your Search, Track Your Progress & Hit Your Goals
(so you can predictably secure job interviews any time you want, on demand)


You can and should have a career that reflects your strengths, your purpose, your ambition, your spirit & your value!

Juliana's expertise, professionalism, energy & empathetic personality lifted me up! Just from a 15-20 minute initial call she was able to identity exactly what stage I'm at with my job search and what kind of support I need. After our first session, I applied to over 50 positions on LinkedIn in an hour, following Juliana's method, and I received the first in-person interview invitation in two days.

What's Inside...


Module 1: Personal Branding (value $500)
We apply our Smart Simple System to help you master the art of Personal Branding. We will define what makes you most valuable to hiring managers, what makes you unique versus other candidates, & we’ll fit this into a short but powerful “elevator speech.” Using your personal brand you will explain who you are on your social profiles, at networking events, and (most importantly) at a glance on your resume. Your resume will never go unnoticed again.

Module 2: Dream Job (value $500)
We use our proprietary Smart Spark Challenge to help you find your dream job postings online right now. You will discover the key attributes of your dream job and identify keywords that will help you find more dream job postings online faster. You will search job boards like it’s Dream Job Target Practice, and you’ll uncover the best professional homes for you.

Module 3: Cover Letter (value $500)
Many people argue cover letters are irrelevant. We believe cover letters are acceptable and valuable visual “real estate” for your job application. Most cover letters might be useless, but yours will be the exception. Depending on your brand and goals, we can build a custom cover letter solution that can tell your story, highlight your accomplishments, provide a “perfect fit overview” or simply reiterate your brand so that your resume is even more effective than it can be on its own. Best of all, we do this with our Smart Simple System, so you have a step-by-step playbook that makes writing your cover letter EASY.

Module 4: Resume (value $500)
Your resume is a sales document that must convert. We often don’t see ourselves as businesses or marketable. But the truth is, your resume can be expertly honed to convert leads (aka hiring managers) with the efficiency of any marketing campaign. With our Smart Simple System, you are walked through our proven step-by-step resume building playbook. All the best practices are included and future customizations become easy.

Module 5: Design (value $500)
We might like to pretend we’re not shallow & superficial. But, research shows time and time again that we like “pretty” things. That’s why we include our Smart Sexy Design Resource Library to help you zero in on brand and resume design that represents you visually just as well as the copy on paper, and you in person, represent you. A picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of a job search, beautiful design can be worth thousands of dollars in salary.

Module 6: Scale & Build Your Opportunity Funnel (value $500)
When a business seeks to “close a deal” they set targets and build a funnel. We know that sales requires a buyer to go on a journey. We know buyers drop off throughout the journey and only some make it to the end. If you want to guarantee yourself job interviews and offers, you need to build a job opportunity funnel. We explain our Smart Scaling System so you can drum up interviews virtually on demand and ensure as much control and predictability in your job search as possible. Say goodbye to the unknown. With a well built and managed funnel, you can easily be in control of when you accept your next job offer.

Module 7: Commitment Declaration (value $500)
Knowing how to do something effectively isn’t enough. You need to make a commitment and be in the right mindset to get there. That’s why we share critical mindset steps along the way and end this program with a Commitment Declaration and accountability tools like the Smart Schedule System to keep you on track.

. . .

BONUS: Brand New Private Facebook Group Support Community & Live Events ($1,500)
With every new course launch building a community of support filled with great information is vital. As one of our early course cohorts, this community will be shaped around your needs.  Share your work and get feedback from your peers. Ask questions about other people’s experiences. And tune in for Facebook Live events where we’ll cover the most pressing topics.

BONUS: 12 Week Chat & Email Support (value $1,200)
Have questions along the way? No problem. We’ll be here via chat and email to answer your questions as they pop up. This on demand chat & email support for 12 weeks is just want you need to fill in the gaps so you can push your job search forward at record pace. And be sure you’re doing it right!

BONUS: Personal Brand, Cover Letter & Resume Assessment (value $500)
Personal branding & creating your applications are easier said than done. That’s why we give you step-by-step instructions on how to build your brand. But wouldn’t it be great to hear an objective opinion from job search marketing pros?! That’s why we’re throwing in a personalized review. Send us your application (with branding, cover letter & resume) and we’ll send you custom feedback to help you refine your application package before launch. No guessing required.


BONUS: Cover Letter & Resume Building Tutorial (value $300)
There is no need to wonder about the nitty gritty of cover letter and resume building. We are offering a free tutorial walk through of creating an application package from scratch. Review this before building your own cover letter and resume and you’ll fly through the process with ease and confidence.

. . .

Master The Interview Course! (value $2,500)
As a very special and limited time bonus for The Ultimate Job Search Program, we’re including our Master The Interview Course for free! This system includes all the secrets you need to build rapport with ANY INTERVIEWER, come across as an easy to work with & a “great fit” candidate, optimize your brand presentation & ultimately CLOSE THE DEAL on your Dream Job.


Complete this entire program and you qualify for an additional Private Interview Coaching Session for FREE! All you have to do is complete the program and this session is YOURS!

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000



If you’re not 100% satisfied with The Ultimate Job Search Program, the strategies, or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund!

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Ultimate Job Search Program and THEN… make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

All the tips and tricks Juliana shared helped me create an even more beautiful, attention catching resume, and the general approach she suggested, allowed me to automate the whole application process on LinkedIn and job boards to make it a breeze! Juliana's professionalism empowered me to start building this muscle and get ready for encountering my dream job interview.

Act Now...

This Program Won't Be Open Forever

While this program has been offered as a coaching system for more than a decade, this is the FIRST time we’re offering this as a class. This launch event is a limited time offer. When we fill up, we close the doors. Period.

Since this is our first launch, we are offering more coaching as a bonus to make sure the experience is PERFECT for students. Not to mention, the price will go up for future launches!

Every day that goes by without interviews and offers, means lost income. Not to mention, your dream job might be posted and waiting for you right now. There is no turning back the clock. Don’t waste another day!


That’s up to you. Once you buy this program you get lifetime access. We break down the learning into steps but you decide how fast or slow you want to go through each module. We release new content daily to make sure you can concentrate on every step. Consume it as it’s released and you’ll be done within 30 days.
This varies based on industry, time of year, and a bunch of other factors. On average, our clients get calls and interviews within two weeks of launching their resume into the market.
Absolutely. There are definitely differences in approach for new grads versus seasoned pros, but we’ve worked with them all and know exactly what tweaks to make to perfect your job search to your circumstances. It is worth noting that some very senior roles are not posted as often (e.g. CEO roles are posted less frequently than entry-level roles) so the volume of the calls and interviews you receive will reflect that.
There are many “best practices” for resume writing that are industry standard but do not actually grab attention. Combine a good resume with good marketing and you should have a great application. Unfortunately, most resume writing services don’t incorporate marketing principles into their approach. We consider both conventional job search best practices AND marketing strategies that are proven to make any brand stand out.
We haven’t yet faced an industry or skillset where we can’t help. It is possible a candidate is underqualified for their dream job. If that happens, we will advise you accordingly and work on a plan together.
It’s common to move to a new place and struggle to find work because you don’t have local education or work experience. We have helped many individuals, including new immigrants, get valuable local experience in their new home markets. Some credentials are not accepted outside their home jurisdictions. In those cases, we can advise to support you in getting those credentials recognized or transferred.
Heck yes! Both myself, Juliana, and many of my clients have used these systems with great success.
Juliana is one of the most inspirational people I have worked with. Her experience and guidance have been invaluable. Her track record speaks for itself. After my first time meeting with her I knew she would have a huge impact on my career.

Make Your Career Dreams Come True...


Module 1: Personal Branding (value $500)
Module 2: Dream Job (value $500)
Module 3: Cover Letter (value $500)
Module 4: Resume (value $500)
Module 5: Design (value $500)
Module 6: Scale & Build Your Opportunity Funnel (value $500)
Module 7: Commitment Declaration (value $500)

BONUS: Brand New Private Facebook Group Support Community ($1,500)
BONUS: 12 Week Chat / Email Support (value $1,200)
BONUS: Personal Brand, Cover Letter & Resume Assessment ($500)
BONUS: Cover Letter & Resume Building Tutorial ($300)

Master The Interview Course! (value $2,500)  +  Interview Coaching (value $500)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000


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Earnings Disclosure: Results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.