Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate?

Which software is best for e-Learning design in the evolving e-Learning field? In the innovative field of e-Learning many are turning to authoring tools like Articulate’s Storyline and Adobe’s Captivate 9 to create and manage content. These desktop applications are used by teachers, learning developers, and education companies to create online lessons and course content. […]

Defining Smart Self

Choosing a Business Name Shakespeare once famously wrote, “What is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” I beg to differ. And, in fact, the reality proved different for Romeo and Juliet as well! So when I was naming Smart Self Solutions, I thought long and hard about what […]

Let’s Connect!

We likely connected over other platforms and I want you to join this Smart Self community! Let’s connect!

What is Smart Self Solutions?

Smart Self Solutions Inc. is a consulting agency that delivers training, strategy and results. Based on more than 20 years of experience, we have developed and believe in the Smart Success Formula. The foundation for achieving any goal is to know it intimately. Once you have a deep understanding of the goal, it is essential […]

What Role Should “Social” Play in Learning?

Most people can remember completing a group project in school and for many people this experience doesn’t inspire fond memories. But research suggests social activities and collaboration are an integral part of learning. Last month, ATD research released a study on how Comcast, a telecommunications corporation, applied social learning in employee training and development. Get […]

Human Potential

How to Realize it? As leaders, we are responsible for cultivating the potential of those around us. This is a responsibility and an honour. And as leaders, we must be self reflective and scrutinize our choices to ensure we are an empowering force for those who look to us for guidance. We must let go […]

Smart Self Tip For Expert Interviewers

You might spend most of your work time running job interviews or maybe you are the person who has to run important job interviews but you do it infrequently. Here is a great interview tip to help you become an expert interviewer under any circumstance.

Branding: When Is Your Brand Ready To Go To Market?

Entrepreneurs often struggle finding the balance between building a great brand AND going to market fast. Where is the sweet spot?

My Personal Video Engagement Challenge

Some folks are asking me about my thoughts about video quality, script strategy, etc. While I’m a huge proponent of high quality EVERYTHING, in this video I talk about my personal attempt to engage and SHIP faster.

Do Organic Values Replace Sales & Marketing?

What happens when organizational values come from the grass roots of an organization’s people and purpose? What effect does that have on sales and marketing? Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!