Understanding Culture

We often think of organizational culture (or community culture for that matter,) as something of an enigma. We feel that it arises organically in spite of any concerted effort for or against it. And when things go abysmally wrong, we point at this enigma, this thing we couldn’t have controlled even if we wanted to, […]

How Companies Are Incorporating Games Into eLearning

Why Games? At one time video games were exclusively seen as a facet of geek culture or something for children and teens. But since the turn of the century and the technological boom, gaming has made its way into the mainstream. In 2015, more than 50 percent of the Canadian population, or 19 million people […]

Tips For Entrepreneurs

Are you starting a new business? Do you need help understand when invest and when instead save money? In this video our Managing Director Juliana Trichilo Cina gives us some tips for entrepreneurs.

What Makes Communications So Darn Sexy?

Communication is sexy “What?” Well… Strategic Communications is sexy. “What?!” Well, it’s sexy to me. “Why?” you ask. Oh wait till you hear this… In this video I talk about the power of communications and what it can deliver. Like all sexy things, it must be authentic. (Gee, my opinion is everywhere in this post, […]

Original Design in Digital Learning

Learning must evolve. Learners demand more on an ongoing basis. We are competing in an ever enticing market for learner attention. In order to compete for the learners’ attention, challenge yourself and push your boundaries. When you get excited about the learning you produce, your learners may actually receive everything you have to offer.

Design is Universal

Learn How to Communicate, Build and Strategize with Design Thinking Visuals, words, form, function… there are so many aspects to design. While each application of design, from marketing to manufacturing, seems different, they are a lot more similar than you might think. For Adoption Design is a function of communication and we all have our […]

Strategic Communications Defined

What the Heck is Strategic Communications?! We often mistake communications as a one-way experience of sharing a message. We focus on the sharing part, the part where the speaker has his/her say. Somehow we think that by sharing a message, the listening part will just happen. By virtue of putting our words “out there,” we […]

Being Resourceful

It’s impossible to know everything. You cannot be an expert in every aspect of your job or the work of your department. So what is a reasonable expectation for the level of expertise you should bring to your work? I know a lot of leaders would fundamentally disagree with me, but I’m going to set […]

What design lessons should every business learn from the developers that brought us the iPhone?

In the 1990s Apple desktop computers weren’t widely used by most people around the globe. But today the Apple name is synonymous with success. Apple desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones are highly coveted by consumers and have become status symbols. Where does the success come from? Part of Apple’s success can be attributed to to […]

Fear of Failure

We are motivated by a few key emotions. One of the most powerful is fear. It would be ideal if we always knew when we are driven by fear. Unfortunately, fear often lives in our subconscious and we don’t see its machinations clearly. Ally or Enemy Fear definitely drives much of our behaviour. Fear drives […]